Welcome to Diamond Eagles

A Message From The C.E.O

IMG-20160507-WA0002This website is designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth review of our Company, reflecting the pride we, as Diamond Eagles Company, have in our continuing growth and current success. It conveys our sense of mission and vision – to become the preferred leader in alternative energy supply – Solar and Car importation and sale.

The Diamond Eagles Company corporate culture is characterized by our ability to adapt quickly to our customer needs and requirements.
From the Company’s start to the present day, our tradition of ingenuity has driven continuous improvement in the way we operate and a relentless drive for growth. Every day, our products and services touch the lives of several people.

Every day, employees of Diamond Eagles work hard to earn the trust of our customers.
For us, that means not only delivering on our promises to provide clean, reliable energy services at an affordable price but going above and beyond.
What differentiates us is our ability to get the fundamentals right, to anticipate and embrace change and to give it our all for customers.
Collectively, these things allow us to earn the right to be our customers’ trusted energy provider, and they form our mission at Diamond Eagles.

In a market that is changing as much and as fast as the energy market has changed in recent years, what is needed is an ability both to draw the right conclusions and to adapt the operations accordingly.
Diamond Eagles has made good progress, but a lot remains to be done.

These are exciting times for Diamond Eagles and I think you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, and innovative nature as you browse through this website.

Scott M.K. Tsevia
C.E.O – Diamond Eagles Company Limited